CELLA: Uniting Leaders and Ideas in Latin America

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The “Confederación Estudiantil de Liderazgo Latino Americano” (CELLA) took place in the University of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico this past Sept.29-Oct 2nd. This conference envisioned a generation of young Latin-American leaders coming together to take action and responsibility to generate … Continue reading


Supporting Hands

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All throughout South America we found that the local artisan markets were dominated by local women. Arts, crafts and jewelry have always been part of the gender roles assigned by different rural and indigenous cultures throughout the region. Therefore, I … Continue reading


The Symbolism behind the Hecha y Derecha Logo

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When deciding on what would be our logo a lot of things came into our minds. We wanted something very symbolic but that at the same time had a hidden meaning that represented of all the entities we wanted to … Continue reading


The End of an Adventure the Beginning of a Reality

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After two months travelling, 4 countries visited, 20 cities passed and 8 organizations identified our trip in South America is physically over but now is implementing the base and starting point of what Hecha y Derecha will be. The findings: We found … Continue reading


Hecha y Derecha´s Inca Adventures

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Peru is full of surprises and adventure… Ranging from a Sporting Cristal vs. Cienciano soccer game and souvernir shopping, to getting spit by Llamas and sliding down inca rocks… we can say we did it all! (Except eating Cuy!) Our trip started in Cusco where we … Continue reading


OWIT: Entrepreneur, Professional and Business women of Peru

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The educational and opportunities gap between women is not only present across borders is present in the same country as well right around the corner from one neighborhood to the next. This is why in Hecha y Derecha we believe a … Continue reading


AMWAE- Wourani Women in the Ecuador Amazon

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While being in Puyo we got the chance to meet with Manuela Ima, an outstanding Wourani woman leader that started AMWAE. The “Asociación de Mujeres Wourani Amazonicas del Ecuador” (AMWAE) is a 5 year old organization whose main purpose and … Continue reading


Above the clouds, between humans and the environment

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I love flying because of the moment you get above the clouds. No matter what kind of weather is under them, you can see the sun and the image resembles heaven. The most usual view apart from clouds is the … Continue reading


From 3 to 2 – Farewell Cheska Maminka Vero

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Our Chescka Maminka (Czech mom) Vero has left us… the one always keeping us on track, making us eat healthy veggies and fruits and the one that loved us no matter what has left us Sept 6th! Vero had to go back home … Continue reading


A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single…bus

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“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” –Jack Kerouac Well, after two back-to-back overnight buses from Northern Peru we’ve successfully made it Lima (if you measure … Continue reading