Hecha y Derecha´s Inca Adventures

Peru is full of surprises and adventure… Ranging from a Sporting Cristal vs. Cienciano soccer game and souvernir shopping, to getting spit by Llamas and sliding down inca rocks… we can say we did it all! (Except eating Cuy!)

Mischivious Masks... having fun while buying souvenirs

Our trip started in Cusco where we took a plane from Lima and happened to sit down besides one of the Sporting Cristal team managers who gave us two free tickets to see them play the next day!

Sporting Cristal vs. ciencimiano Cusco

After Cusco we took off to the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes where we got to try typical Peruvian Alpaca and Cuy (which we denied to try).

Typical Peruvian Dish: Cuy with Peruvian small yellow potatoes

Flying in Ollantaytambo

From Aguas Calientes we woke up at 4:3opm to joing th crowds of young people that hike up Machu Pichu to try to be the first ones to enter… then after a two hour tour around the ruins we ate, took a nap and hike up the hights mountain – The Machu Pichu Mountain.

4:30 am the hike starts! Objective: be within the first 100 in Machu Pichu

Jumping picture in Machu Pichu

3000 mts. high in Machu Pichu Mountain!

All thoughout these places we encountered our favorite Inca animals the LLamas and Alpacas… unfortunately they didnt seem to like us that much 😦

Virgi with the Baby Alpaca

There are free running around LLamas in Machu Pichu


In our last day in Cusco we visit  the Saksawayman Fortress where we start a great hobby… Inca Rock Sliding!

Finally, we got  Machu Pichued ( our new verb) that we had to get the 100 anniversary stamp of Machu Pichu in our face!

Thats right we got Machu Pichued


One response to “Hecha y Derecha´s Inca Adventures

  1. Vigi: nos alegra que se hayan divertido tanto y sobretodo que hayas regresado sana y salva a casa!

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