The End of an Adventure the Beginning of a Reality

After two months travelling, 4 countries visited, 20 cities passed and 8 organizations identified our trip in South America is physically over but now is implementing the base and starting point of what Hecha y Derecha will be.

The findings: We found that there IS a great necessity for women empowerment in Latin America. Proof of this being that ALL the organizations we met with welcomed us with the same importance they would welcome a UN Organization and they all expressed the need for leadership training as a tool for empowering women to break the cultural and social status barriers.

Our Inspiration

The experiences: Go BEYOND words… it was exactly the balance we were looking for as founders and as women ourselves. Our learning range from spiritual, historical, cultural and social to reality shock, street smartness and bus riding techniques.  Going from cubicle life and monotony to the freedom of travelling and uncertainty is a restart button to life. They vary from good experiences like meeting wonderful inspiring women and organizations and great landscapes like Machu Pichu and the Amazon and bad like crazy bus rides and getting robed around 5 times.

All the fun we had!

The outcome: A clear idea.. NOW we know what we want, now we know what Hecha y Derecha has to be and what it needs to succeed and now we can sell Hecha y Derecha in a nutshell… oh yes and now is also the time to start.

The budget:  Well…this was one of the most powerful experiences of our trip… LIVING under $10 a day is very challenging if you are travelling and if you have spent most of your life not having a budget. All we can say is that we tried… maybe we didn’t succeed at this but we did succeed  at meeting everyone we wanted to meet.

Oops... Is inevitable to shop in Cusco


The founders: During the trip we went from 3 to 2 and now is all into single individuals in physically separated in different locations but mentally and collaboratively united by an idea, cause and objective. Veronika finally made it home after 2 years of being in Afghanistan and travelling and is now taking over her Masters and an internship in NATO. Lindsay is living her dream and making her way down to Argentina and Virginia is continuing her passion, to inspire people by travelling, networking and recruiting in different conferences around the world.

The 3 Mujeres Hechas y Derecha

The future: Hecha y Derecha is not a trip through South America, Hecha y Derecha started with a trip and now will become an actual organization with a clear target: women empowerment in rural areas in Latin America. The experiences lives make great stories to tell and the reality seen makes a great cause to support. This is why the new stage of Hecha y Derecha is “ the networking and recruiting stage”. Taking advantage of the conferences in which Virginia will be speaking, CELLA and ILA we will now move to storytelling, fundraising, fund applying and creating programs and making differences!

Next Stage: Panels in CELLA and ILA


One response to “The End of an Adventure the Beginning of a Reality

  1. Excelente cierre de la travesía de Hecha y Derecha! Vigi…continúa con tu sueño…de lograr hacer una diferencia en nuestra sociedad!
    Sigue el camino que te has trazado que nosotros, tus padres, siempre te apoyaremos…!
    Un beso, Papi y mami

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