The Symbolism behind the Hecha y Derecha Logo

When deciding on what would be our logo a lot of things came into our minds. We wanted something very symbolic but that at the same time had a hidden meaning that represented of all the entities we wanted to connect.

Our logo in letter head

The explanation for the “doll”:

The skirt of the doll is broken into 4 equal triangles, not to make it look like a cheerleader skirt, but to represent the four counterparts that Hecha y Derecha will be working with in order to achieve the development of new generations of fully-fledged women: 1) Existing organizations working with women; 2) Rural, indigenous and poor women; 3) Young women and; 4) Professional women.

These 4 triangles unite into the beginning of the gender symbol for women (body of the doll) symbolizing the union of these entities for women development. Finally the bow and the eye lashes gives the doll a feminine touch that all women in the world no matter the culture, social class or education level possesses.

Explanation of the components of the Hecha y Derecha Doll

Brainstorming the Logo:

The before and after - Special thanks to Michelle Alpizar and Alfredo Marquez


2 responses to “The Symbolism behind the Hecha y Derecha Logo

  1. You guys nailed it with the logo and symbolism !!

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